About Us: Our Story

The story of Sassafras Springs as a venue began in 2017 when our oldest daughter, Kate, announced her engagement, as well as her desire to have her wedding reception in the rustic, old hay barn on our beloved family farm. 

We had to do a little thinking; it was truly a hay barn at this point! 

However, as slightly indulgent parents we did agree it would be the perfect place and happily agreed. With the help of family and friends the barn soon transformed into the delightfully casual, yet beautifully festive, wedding venue of her dreams. The barn looked so lovely with her “party dress” on and of course the wedding reception was a smashing success!!

Daughter, Emily, followed suit a year later, announcing her engagement, and stating that she, too, wanted to have her reception at the farm in the beautiful, big red barn. This reception was a smashing success once again, with guests and wedding couple alike having a fantastic time at this magical place. 

Seeing the joy on the faces of these wedding couples and guests alike has left us with the desire to allow other couples searching for the same kind of intimate, authentically country, fun and festive wedding experience the opportunity to have their special day on the grounds of our beautiful farm, and once again put to use the rustic, old hay barn which was “transformed with love” at Sassafras Springs!

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